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The Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System® is a potent tool for self-discovery and transformation that is both deeply personal and potentially planetary. It illuminates the meanings and mysteries behind the colours we are drawn to and provides unique colour-care products to help bring more of our totality into being.

You are the colours you choose and these reflect your being’s needs

The Aura-Soma system is a non-intrusive, self-selective soul support which works in accord with the highest intent and greater good of the user. Aura means Light, Soma means Body thus Aura-Soma aids in the development of the Light Body, the subtle body of light that surrounds our physical body. The Aura-Soma Colour-Care products are intended to bring ease, balance and calm to our energetic system and light body, helping to restore a free flow of energy while strengthening and protecting the integrity of the aura and its subtle filaments of light. As harmony and balance is restored we may enjoy a sense of greater ease and fulfilment at all levels of our being.

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Equilibrium, the dual coloured combinations at the heart of the Aura-Soma system, was created in 1983. During an inspired meditation, Vicky Wall, a clinically-blind herbalist and surgical chiropodist, was guided as if by unseen hands to create the Equilibrium bottles which she described as a window to the soul. Equilibrium contains the energies of colour, plants, herbs and crystals which support the evolution of our soul consciousness towards our deepest potential.

For over a quarter-century, thousands of people have been drawn to use Equilibrium and the energetic tools of Pomanders, Quintessences, Essences, Archangeloi and other colour products which work on our personal being and may also help to clear and harmonise our collective environment. Bringing to the world old wine in new bottles, the Aura-Soma system builds upon the ancient knowledge of colour as qualities and catalysts of universal consciousness.

Founder Vicky Wall, Chairman Mike Booth who is her successor and all who carry on this inspired work have provided a powerful yet gentle Way into the world of colour as a potent tool for self-discovery and transformation as we work together towards the positive evolution and well-being of all both individually and collectively.

With love and light,

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* Note that while Aura-Soma products may help to make shifts in energy and consciousness, we make no therapeutic claims to diagnose, treat, prevent, heal or influence any physical or medical conditions.

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