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Colour Care System

your light made manifest

At the mystical core of the world’s most ancient traditions is the premise that all things begin with and return to the innermost Self as a reflection of, and a way back to, the Light from which we came.

Perfectly named, Aura-Soma, meaning light-body, was developed into a colour-care system working with the visual and non-visual energies of colour as refractions of light which are reflected in each individual’s personal light body. As more and more people worked with the Equilibrium colour combinations they were drawn to, it became clear that these living jewels and their supporting products were emanating, via the energetic language of colour, aspects of universal consciousness in ways that revealed each person’s unique qualities and state of being, as well as addressing what they needed for greater fulfilment of their unique gifts and potentials.

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Thus, we invite you to begin your Aura-Soma journey with Equilibrium, the specially energised dual coloured combinations of light, crystals and biodynamic botanicals. Equilibrium is non-intrusive and self-selective; therefore, your attraction to specific colours and their combinations is the foundation of your Aura-Soma experience. Equilibrium can help to illuminate, balance and magnify your own true colours. Described by founder Vicky Wall as the living energies of colour which offer a window to the soul.

You may then decide to work with a colour consultant for an in-depth understanding and further guidance. We also suggest our comprehensive guide The Aura-Soma Sourcebook - Color Therapy for the Soul, by Mike Booth & Carol McKnight, which details Aura-Soma wisdom and the qualities and correspondences of the Equilibrium formulations and their supporting products.

Equilibrium is here to show you the possibilities and purposes of who you truly are and help to activate transformative energies that can bring more of your totality into being. All our products relate to the Equilibrium colours, energies and meanings. Choosing the four colour combinations you feel most drawn to will compose your personal colour code and help to further guide you in selecting supporting products and materials.

If there is an Aura-Soma trained colour consultant in your area, we encourage you to arrange for a personal consultation where you can view the Equilibrium bottles in person, choose your colours and explore their meanings and use in your evolving life story; otherwise we invite you to learn more and choose your four Equilibrium colour combinations here. You may then decide to work with a colour consultant for an in-depth understanding and further guidance.

We would like to invite you to read the history to learn more about the inspiration that birthed Equilibrium and the Aura-Soma Colour-Care System. In our production section you can explore our production processes and practices and become acquainted with our own biodynamic Shire Farm where we grow as many of the plants and herbs contained in our products as climate and conditions allow.

For particular questions about the Aura-Soma system or products, please feel free to email us at or telephone us on +44 (0) 1507533581.

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