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Colour is a universal language and tool for well-being that has profound implications for understanding and transforming ourselves and our world. In recent years there has been an explosion of activity in the field of colour education as new techniques and areas of expertise have evolved for the purpose of researching and chronicling the profound effects of colour on all aspects of human physiology and psychology. Aura-Soma Products Limited is delighted with continuing to be at the forefront of this field for over 25 years.

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Aura-Soma colour education, consultancy and teacher training courses are presented through the independent certifying organisation, The Aura-Soma Academy.

Courses are held at the Dev Aura Residential Training Centre in the enchanting countryside of Lincolnshire in the UK, as well as in other beautiful settings around the world. Aura-Soma colour education supports people who want to work more deeply with colour for their own self-care, as well as healing arts practitioners and teachers who want to bring the mysteries and meanings of colour into their work with others. Aura-Soma products work on the subtle levels of the human light body - the etheric and electromagnetic fields which compose the aura, chakra energy centers and meridians. Thus, practitioners have found the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System® to be a profound catalyst and complement with other wellness modalities. Aura-Soma distributors, practitioners, teachers and students currently number around 50,000 worldwide.

Certification and advanced training courses in Aura-Soma colour education, consultations and presentation skills are offered at progressive levels for those who want to become Aura-Soma Colour-Care Consultants or Teachers. Related topics include subtle anatomy from an Aura-Soma perspective (chakras, the true aura, the first cell and the three stars); the interface of colour meanings with esoteric traditions such as numerology, Tarot, astrology, the 72 Angels and Archangels of the Tree of Life (Kabbalah); and journeys to sacred sites and landscape temples that join earth and sky energies. Many of these courses are taught by Aura-Soma Chairman Mike Booth, as well as Claudia Booth and other extensively-trained Aura-Soma teachers and guest presenters around the world. (See below for links to register interest in our core courses).

Aura-Soma colour-care products and supporting wisdoms build on the work of scientists, physicians and philosophers through the ages such as Aristotle, Paracelsus, Avicenna, Isaac Newton, Goethe, Rudolf Steiner and many others. The vast body of accumulated historical and experiential knowledge suggests that colour, as refractions of perceived light, represents aspects of universal consciousness. From the Aura-Soma perspective, your personal colour preferences—such as the colours you are most drawn to, the colours you like in combination with each other and your momentary or long-time attraction for certain colours—are qualities of universal consciousness being expressed through and as you. Thus, learning the language of colour helps to illuminate the underlying themes of your life, who you truly are and what you need for wholeness and well-being. Actually working with colour as a catalyst for transformation and balance at every level helps to bring more of who you truly are into being for the fulfilment of your own individuation and in service to others.

Level 1 Blue Course

6 days – 36 hours

On the Level 1 course you are given the opportunity to discover the language of colour and what conscious evolution can offer. This course represents a starting point for all those that are looking to take their first step on a process of self discovery through the magic of colour. It is also the beginning of the journey for those that are interested in becoming Aura-Soma Colour System Practitioners or Colour Care Consultants.

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Level 2 Yellow Course

6 days – 36 hours

The Level 2 course builds on the information previously received on the Level 1 course. You are introduced to the many subjects that have a correlation to the Equilibrium bottles and the colour system as a whole. Traditions such as Buddhism, Colour Breathing, use and qualities of Gems and Crystals are just a few of the topics you will touch into during the 6 days. On completion of this course there is the opportunity to join the Registered Practitioner system which brings the added benefit of first notification of new products and Equilibrium bottles.

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Level 3 Red Course

6 days – 36 hours

The Level 3 course is the next step towards becoming n Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant. At this point you will be introduced to the Aura-Soma Subtle Anatomy in relation to colour consciousness. The connection between the Equilibrium bottles and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the Tarot is explored, along with deepening consultation skills.

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Aura-Soma Teacher Training Programme

A sequential programme of the Consultant Training levels, the focus of which is on deepening awareness and understanding of content for each level.

  • Teacher Level 1 is of 7 days duration.
  • Teacher Level 2 is of 9 days duration.
  • Teacher Level 3 is of 9 days duration
  • Teachers Personal Presentation Skills course is of 7 days duration.

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