Aura-Soma Products Ltd.

Aura-Soma® Handbook

Written by Mike Booth

We are very excited to announce the release of the new updated version of the popular Aura-Soma Handbook written by Mike Booth.

With a new look front cover, this book is your comprehensive guide to the Aura-Soma Colour System and now comprises information for all current bottles and valuable updates including:

  • Descriptions for each of the Equilibrium bottles complete to B111
  • Revised keynotes and up-to-date names for the full set of bottles
  • Images of the Pomanders and Quintessences alongside their relevant information

Of course, the Handbook includes information on the Colour Rose, the Chakra man, a transcript of Mike’s 1998 talk given on the Subtle Anatomy of Man, as well as beautiful clear images of each bottle.

English orders can be placed through Paula Stroud

For the German edition please contact Tobias Jerg at PranaHaus via

With love & light