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November 2015 Special Offers

Aura-Soma Products Ltd is pleased to be able to let you know of some exciting special offers that are available to you on the following items.

The following items are available at a 20% discount

The Aura-Soma Sourcebook - Mike Booth and Carol McKnight

Available in German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Spanish

In The Aura-Soma Sourcebook authors Mike Booth and Carol McKnight detail the origins, holistic understanding, and consciousness-mirroring effects of each of the 104 equilibrium combinations.

The practice of Aura-Soma is initially based on a person’s selection of four Equilibrium bottles. The choice of bottles and the sequence in which they are chosen provide keys to understanding past difficulties and mirror the need and potential for growth in one’s consciousness.

The book includes full-colour spreads that juxtapose the colour of the bottle with dramatic photographs that depict the energetic essence of each bottle and that evoke the healing energy of the natural environment.

The authors also explain where to apply the essences, which chakra in the subtle anatomy will be affected, and what areas of personal growth can be addressed.

Leather Filofax/Personal Organizer

Our soft leather covers are available in four popular Equilibrium colour combinations:

  • B57 - Pale Pink/Pale Blue.
  • B59 - Pale Yellow/Pale Pink.
  • B74 - Pale Yellow/Pale Green.
  • B94 - Pale Blue/Pale Yellow.

The beautifully presented folder is a great size (Approximately 18.5cm x 23cm) for everyday use as either a personal organizer or Filofax. Each cover is embossed with the phrase Vicky Wall often used to describe one’s personal relationship with colour ‘You are the colours you choose’. The inside of the cover features 5 business card slots on the left and 2 pockets running the full length of the cover. On the right is one full-length pocket, one half-length pocket and a pen holder. The cover closes with a metal stud popper enabling expansion of contents. Refills for this cover can be purchased from most good stationers.

The Star you Are - CD

Available in English

Wonderful CD created by the late Ichiro Akamatsu and Claudia Booth containing 11 tracks and over 50 enchanting minutes of Claudia’s poems put to music

What’s beyond that Star - Richard Leviton

Available in English

What’s beyond that star records the true story of Leviton’s spiritual awakening and his subsequent adventures on a metaphysical search for the Holy Grail, tracing his inner and outer journeys during a remarkable summer.

Guided by a psychic friend and the family of angels whom he comes to know as ‘Blaise’, Leviton finds himself initiated into new realms of consciousness.

With little warning, a panorama of spiritual entities and previously unknown dimensions become visible to his inner eye.

One day he is an ordinary person relying in the relatively dense perception of the five senses, the next he is living in a world of angels, gnomes, demons and dragons.

This is a powerful testimony to spiritual experience recounted by an accomplished storyteller.

Chakra Massage using the Aura-Soma Colour System - Vicky Engham

Available in English

Written by Vicki Engham this book describes how massage can be used in combination with the 5 pillars of Aura-Soma to change peoples lives in a gentle and insightful way.

Those that have used this massage feel it has particular purpose for the being that they are working with. Vicki likens it to a soul massage, a connection back to the soul, a connection to the divine through colour, oils, sound, breath and crystals.

An Introduction to Meditation - CD

Available in English

This CD captures talks recorded during Meditations given by Mike Booth. The first track invites us to explore the awareness we have of ourselves as we prepare to enter a meditative state.

The second track offers a visualization of journeying to a cabin in the mountains. Both of these are accompanied by original music by James Asher composed specifically to accompany this meditative experience.

Inspiration Cards

Available in English, German and Japanese

Developed in Australia by Hartmut Gunther and Deborah Husbands these beautiful boxes contain 106 individual cards. Each card is an artistic expression of the Energy of Colour that is contained within the corresponding Equilibrium bottle.

These cards can be used in a number of ways:

  • By a teacher or practitioner (either in the classroom or during a consultation) as a non verbal tool for reflection during meditation or as an introduction to the message within a bottle selection.
  • As daily inspiration and intention for the day ahead.
  • A supportive gift for a loved one or for oneself.

Ascended Masters Cards

This beautifully presented pack of A4 laminated cards contains 14 reproductions of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Master Beings paintings that have been created by Pamela Mathews for Aura-Soma.

The following items are available at a 30% discount

Tree of Life board

The Tree of Life Board is a wonderful visual compact display of all the Equilibrium bottles related to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the Tarot and therefore has great potential for all Level 3 Teachers. As an added support it could remain in your teaching space permanently acting as an easy reference to the relationship between the Equilibrium and the Tarot.

It can be used very effectively during the Level 3 course as an interactive tool for students, particularly during consultation practice and the Golden Thread exercise.

It is also an excellent visual aid for displaying the understanding of the 3 stars linked to the three cross paths on the Tree of Life that bring the two sides of ourselves together in the thinking, feeling and being aspects within ourselves. This means it can be effectively used across all levels of teaching.

This set would also complement any healing space and is especially effective for those who incorporate the Golden Thread into their consultation practice.

Colour Rose Silk Cloth

Victoria Silks is an Aura-Soma teacher, colour consultant and silk painter with over 30 years of experience. She received her B.A. in Art Education, with a minor in Dance from the University of Denver in 1967. She ran her own dance studio in Taos, New Mexico until 1976 when she formed her company, Victoria Silks Design Studio. Victoria’s Aura-Soma training has spanned 5 years and 4 countries taking her from the USA to England, Switzerland and Spain, where she met many of her international colleagues. Her work with colour and fabric has been nationally recognized in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines and she has given talks on colour to numerous groups and national conferences. It was her artistic reputation and first-hand experience as an Aura-Soma teacher that lead to her being commissioned to produce these beautiful silks that can also be used as teaching aids.

While they can be used decoratively within any teaching space, practice or domestic setting Victoria created them as a visual support for Level 1 and 2 teachers and students to work with imaginatively.

The silks are:

  • An integral part of the essentials training.
  • Beautiful representations of the Aura-Soma colour rose illustrating relationships between primary colours and secondary colours.
  • Serve many practical and decorative uses within the classroom.
  • To place the bottles on during level one as each of the colours are introduced.
  • For use at level 2 when we expand the concept words of the colours.
  • Light and easy to pack when traveling.

Mobile Phone Shield

Interference suppression for mobile phones with the Mobile Phone Shield.

The mobile phone pad is like a chip in the figurative sense, respectively programmed like a vibrational crystal. With its programmed sympathetic resonances it influences the fields, vibrations and radiations so that, through interference, and/or modulation and/or reversal of the polarisation, they lose their attribution as a ‘jammer’ restoring the bio-signals of the body to a more natural harmonious state.

Aura-Soma and the Chakras - A1 poster

Created by Mike Booth, Carol McKnight, Issette Peckham and Jakael Tristram this beautiful poster is an attractive and informative addition to any classroom or practice.

Detailed on either side are the full and extended Equilibrium Chakra sets. Displayed within the middle of the poster is a visualization of the movement of energy through the chakras.

This image is complimented by 4 smaller representations detailing the traditional chakra system, the tree of life when applied to the body, the 3 stars of the Aura-Soma system and how they relate to the subtle anatomy and the horizontal layers of the chakras as the resonate from the body.

We have limited amount of all items in stock, so if you should be interested please contact your supplier so that you don’t miss out

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With Love and Light

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