Aura-Soma Products Ltd.


The Way of Colour

Aura-Soma Products Limited (ASPL) and Chairman Mike Booth are deeply concerned about the interdependent relationships among humankind and the flora, fauna and other nature-elements and creatures that help to sustain life on Earth. We know that for our planet to be healthy, our communities and the individuals that make them up must be healthy and motivated rightly, with concern and care for all. Thus, in the bigger picture at the heart of Aura-Soma philosophies, practices and products is an interdependent three-tiered goal:

  • to facilitate personal individuation with a greater level of consciousness, which contributes to…
  • more conscious communities and organisations, which enables…
  • co-operation among all beings in care of each other and the Earth which sustains us.

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If these constitute the what of the mission and greater purpose of ASPL and the Aura-Soma Colour-Care System®, the revelatory and transformative power of colour is the Way.

At the heart of the Aura-Soma way of colour is Equilibrium, the dual coloured balancing formulation inspired through Vicky Wall and often described by her as the the living energies of colour.

You are the colours you choose and these reflect your being’s needs was the statement Aura-Soma founder Vicky Wall often used to explain that the colours we are drawn to show us not only who we intrinsically and truly are, but also what we need in order to bring more of our totality into being. Over 25 years of colour research within the Aura-Soma system has shown again and again that the visible and invisible energies of colour can help to advance our personal evolution.

The Aura-Soma perspective on colour as qualities of universal consciousness expressed within and through us builds on the work of colour explorers through the ages, notable among them Aristotle, Isaac Newton, Goethe and Rudolf Steiner.

The philosopher Goethe said, To find yourself in the infinite you must first distinguish and then unite. Our personal individuation is a necessary first step and an ongoing journey in developing our ability to contribute to and collectively create a greater wholeness within our communities and humanity at large.

To propose an ultimate spiritual purpose for the Aura-Soma system and all in the world who are working to seed and give root to the higher values and possibilities of life: if, as Rudolf Steiner suggested, things are coloured because gods are speaking through them, then perhaps as our life force is strengthened and our consciousness expanded we become more able to bring through and embody the Divine energies that are grounded and expressed through our individual and collective Hue-man Beingness. Thus ultimately through each and all of us together in a greater state of fulfilment, wholeness and wellbeing, we may bring about planetary transformation - and Heaven may be accomplished on Earth.

Our colour courses and advanced educational training explore correspondences between the Equilibrium colour formulations and the mysteries at the heart of all spiritual paths and traditions.

Our colour courses strive not only to teach about Aura-Soma products and philosophies, but also to help evolve the consciousness and wellbeing of those who use our products personally and in professional practices and ministerings to others.

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