Aura-Soma Products Ltd.


Heart of the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System®

Equilibrium provides the foundation for your Aura-Soma experience with the living energies of colour and light, crystals, trees, plants and herbs. These beautiful dual coloured formulations contain an upper and lower fraction, oil resting upon water in a state of perfect balance. As a non-intrusive, self-selective soul support and individuation tool your choice of four Equilibrium colour combinations represents your own personal colour code and offers a mirror to your soul, reflecting both who you truly are and what your whole being needs for greater fulfilment and purpose.

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As the name suggests, Equilibrium and its supporting products can help to create a state of balance by working specifically on the light body - the colourful electromagnetic field (containing the aura and chakra energy centres) which surrounds the physical body and supports wellbeing on every level.

Extreme circumstances and difficulties from the past can compromise our full-functioning and wellbeing, making us less present and therefore less available for what we came here to be and do in this life. Working with Equilibrium can help to energise, harmonise and re-align your whole being so that you might progress in your journey from karma (what you plant so shall you reap) to dharma (the quality of attention and caring that you bring to whatever you do), enabling you to contribute to the world using more of who you truly are.

Equilibrium was created in 1983 by clinically-blind herbalist and healer Vicky Wall. Instructed while in meditation during three nights to go and divide the waters, she was mystified by what was being asked of her. On the third night she went down into her laboratory, and guided as if by unseen hands, she combined colours, oils and waters of plants and herbs together with the energies of crystals and gems. Revealed in the morning sunlight was a wonder of clear bursting colours from which emanated loving and powerful energies. Thus began the revealing of the Aura-Soma system and a continuation of the ancient knowledge of colour as a universal language, expressing and catalysing more of who we are within the whole and expanding our consciousness towards transformation and total wellbeing.

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