Aura-Soma Products Ltd.


A continuing commitment to the integrity of Vicky’s work underlies the production process of the Aura-Soma products. The bio-dynamic essential oils and energies of plants and herbs within the products are either grown on our own Shire Farm in Lincolnshire, England, or sourced from similar farms in climate conducive areas. The ingredients, all of which are carefully selected, go through an alchemical process whereby they are infused with the living energies of colour and light and the vibratory tinctures of crystals and gems.

In the soil to soul philosophy that underlies all we do, we are concerned with not only what we do, but the way we do what we do so that all may thrive, including the earth which sustains us.

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The quality of the living energies of the Aura-Soma products is vitally dependent on production - how and where our ingredients are grown, soil quality, natural and cosmic forces, animal and insect life, and human care and sensibility.

Aura-Soma Products Limited® (ASPL) has come a long way from founder Vicky Wall’s early small laboratory where she was guided as if by unseen hands to combine plant and herb extracts of essential oils, energised waters and crystal essences into the dual coloured living jewels that became known as Equilibrium, the heart of the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System®. As the demand for Equilibrium and its supporting products has grown, we have remained committed to high quality agricultural and manufacturing methods, including relationships with suppliers who are compatible with our standards. We are always striving to build upon the integrity of Vicky’s first creations and the vision that continues to support their ongoing development. Therefore, ASPL is actively involved at every stage of growth and production with the physical and energetic properties of each component.

Aura-Soma practices and products always strive towards purity and the greater good. We grow on our own biodynamic Shire Farm or acquire from similar farms the purest botanicals, essential oils, minerals and other ingredients, processing them without artificial preservatives or synthetic chemicals in ways that naturally preserve their potency and freshness. Biodynamics is for us the beginning of our soil to soul way of growing things that cares for and gives back to the Earth and the creatures and people who depend on them. Akin to the philosophy of reciprocal maintenance, it is a gathering of each being and element in the growing and production environment towards co-operation and collaboration for the sustenance and thriving of all.

It is imperative that all Aura-Soma components be harmonious with the human life force; thus, many of our plants and herbs are biodynamically grown using Demeter-certified standards, which are more comprehensive than those for organic farming. We use no artificial ingredients, preservatives or animal parts, nor do we do any testing on animals. Anything that involves outside sourcing is tested in our own laboratory for authenticity and purity. If we are unable to produce something ourselves and must source it elsewhere, key to maintaining the high quality of our botanicals is to work with agricultural partners who also adhere to Demeter or strict organic standards so that we are governed by the same mutually-known parameters. We are also in the midst of a certification process with ECO-CERT, a Control and Certification Body dedicated to improving the quality of raw materials used in cosmetics by sourcing plant materials from Certified Organic Agriculture.

Vicky often referred affectionately to those who wanted to know the composition of Equilibrium as those who must measure. In today’s world, all growers and manufacturers are legally required to reveal the composition of products that can impact health and wellbeing, and doing so helps to give some indication of the values and vision of the developers. We continue to find that using the best possible ingredients and production methods on all levels contributes to the integrity and effectiveness of both the visible and invisible energies of Aura-Soma botanical, crystal and colour formulations. Still, an important thing to know about Aura-Soma products is that their content is greater than the sum of their parts. Perhaps the most valuable ingredients are those we cannot see – the intent that goes into the creation, the live energies with which each element vibrates singly and in combination, and the special alchemy that occurs in sympathetic resonance with the individual who is using them. A direction which Vicky Wall was given inspirationally early on, but had remained hidden until her successor Mike Booth was able to reveal it, was this underlying and overriding primary intention: that however potent the contents of any formulation, nothing should activate within the substances unless it is for the greater good of the person who is using them.

In our colour laboratory, this intention is held within the giant Elestial crystal guardian mounted on an inner wall, the energy field of which has been measured to extend for over a mile in all directions. Likewise, this same intent for the greater good is held within the whole of Aura-Soma philosophies, practices and methods through the commitment of Chairman Mike Booth and all who work with him.

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Plants and Herbs

The foundation for the Aura-Soma selection of plants and herbs is derived from Vicky’s long time work with herbology, starting as a child with her Kabbalist father whose knowledge of the medicinal and spiritual properties of plants and herbs was vast. Added to this early training was Vicky’s experience in pharmacology, the development of natural creams and ointments, as well as her insights as a healer. She selected plants and herbs based on their therapeutic properties according to the laws of signatures (appearance and how and where a plant grows, which indicates its function) and like cures like, which are at the root of homeopathy and other wellness modalities.

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As the UK climate allows, many of the botanicals contained in Aura-Soma products are grown with biodynamic farming methods on Shire Farm near Tetford in Lincolnshire, UK, which is wholly-owned and operated by ASPL. Examples of these are poppies, sunflowers, calendula, clary sage, melissa (lemon balm), lavender and roses. We also use numerous plants and herbs which must be grown in climates more favourable than England, such as ylang-ylang from Madagascar, and Sandalwood, the best of which is grown in Australia.

In order to maintain the purity of our products, we partner with other biodynamic and organic farms throughout Europe and Asia who work with us to ensure our standards of quality. If certain plants are not available through these farming methods, we seek out components from the best sources we can find, for example essential oils from wild plants grown in renewable areas. We are also currently seeking additional growers and properties in Australia and North America for plant-life which must be cultivated in those climates.

Whereas aromatherapy uses the oily parts of plants and herbalists use the watery parts, the Equilibrium formulas and supporting products use both the essential oils and water extracts from plants and herbs. Modern technology can help us develop and improve on the more traditional methods of extraction and distillation, while utilising technological advances in areas which may not be directly related.

By utilising these modern methods we reap the benefits of improved quality and a reduction of impurities held within the extracts, with the added bonus of being able to use the bio-mass in our farming activities. CO2 extraction (commonly used for the decaffeination of coffee) gives us, along with our partners, the opportunity to use specific process parameters, meaning we can measure more precisely the processes used along with the material we ultimately require. This extraction method addresses our dual commitment to the purity of our ingredients while also taking care of the earth that gives them to us.

In alignment with that is our use of a mobile distillery which we take into the fields for extraction of floral waters and essential oils at the moment the plants are picked. This is so important to purity and potency - if a plant is cut and then transported for any length of time before extracting its actives, it may well have lost some, if not the majority of its beneficial properties. To overcome these potential issues we have built our own field steam distillation equipment which can be moved around the farm so that the process can take place at the source immediately while harvesting. With two distillation vessels, we are able to alternate the distillation process between the two, achieving a more continuous distillation cycle.

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Colour and Light

The continuing exploration of the Aura-Soma system into the mysteries and applications of colour builds on an accumulation of research and knowledge through the ages by an array of scientists, physicians and philosophers. Notable among these are Aristotle, Paracelsus, Isaac Newton, Goethe, and particularly Rudolf Steiner, who understood colour as a universal language which has the power to reflect and transmit qualities of consciousness and to alter states of being. Central to the work of the Aura-Soma system is to advance this ever-growing awareness of the revelatory and transformative powers of colour.

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You are the colours you choose and these reflect your being’s needs was the statement founder Vicky Wall often used to explain that the colours we are drawn to show us not only who we are, but also indicate our greater being’s needs in relation to wholeness and wellbeing. Equilibrium and the supporting products that make up the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System® have tangibly demonstrated again and again that as we work with the visible and invisible energies of colour, we experience in the most personal way how colour can be a catalyst for transformation and a potential restorer of balance at every level of our being.

Aura-Soma products are coloured with plant and herb extracts that correspond to the range of colours in the auras and chakras of the human electromagnetic field, or light-body, which surrounds the physical body as well as colours which are found in the natural world.

Thus, most of our colour ingredients are derived from trees, roots, herbs and other plants. We believe that ASPL is a world leader in the use of natural colours. These substances are also included in the enhanced energetics of processing so that they are in alignment with our core intent that all Aura-Soma products be activated only for the greater good of those who use them.

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Crystals and Gems

Crystals and gems are wonderful and mysterious presences that draw, delight and compel us. Whereas plants have a relatively quick growth cycle, it can take more than 300,000 years for a crystal or gem to form. Crystals are said to contain a living memory of the ages and a consciousness that enables them to be both receivers and transmitters of information which can catalyse knowledge and awareness within us. It is suggested in Robert Simmons’ book, Stones of the New Consciousness, that we can sense the currents of stones…because of the liquid crystal dimension of the human body…and that working meditatively with crystals can elevate the vibratory qualities of the body…to match that of certain stones. This echoes the potential of our relationship with colour at the deepest levels of our being - that the colours we are called to reflect and may affect our inner true colours - the unique hues emanated by the chakras and auras of our etheric light body which surround and support our physical body. Thus, our way in to the powers of crystals and gems is through both their natural colours and their vibratory resonances, and this is the basis upon which they are selected.

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In order to incorporate the energies of the crystals into Equilibrium and its supporting products, it is necessary to first create tinctures of the crystals. A tincture is a substance which has been derived by separating the pure from the impure and then creating a synthesis of the remaining energies into a state of harmony and wholeness. In the like-creates-like wellness paradigm, wholeness creates wholeness. Thus, achieving a purity and wholeness in the tincture is vital in order to catalyse the same within the human life force.

Aura-Soma crystal tinctures are created in full co-operation with the devic presences within each crystal. Ever seeking innovative methods for combining the purest elements of nature to catalyse wholeness and wellbeing at every level of life, we work with a Swiss company to create our highly-resonant crystal tinctures using spagyric processing. This involves an alchemical (transformative) process which both separates and combines - using fire to transmute the crystal or gemstone into a water and ash composite.

The spagyric process was used by medieval alchemists to separate and purify metals from ores, most famously gold from lead. The great 15-16th century alchemist and physician Paracelsus (considered to be the father of homeopathy and holistic medicine) referred to the spagyric for creating medicinal plant tinctures, which is the most common modern usage for the device. ASPL uniquely employs spagyric processing for the transmutation of crystals so that their vibratory essences and ancient wisdoms can be combined and further energised with our liquid botanicals.

Thus, from the completion of the spagyric process, the crystal tinctures come back into our laboratory to be infused into the water fractions of Equilibrium as well as other water phases used throughout the Aura-Soma range, such as the Pomanders, Quintessences and Archangeloi. This infusion and blending of all ingredients for these, as well as the Colour Essences, occurs in various sizes of our very specialised oloid mixers. The oloid device, developed by Paul Schatz, uses a non-percussive method to create a harmonious union of molecular materials with a gentle sliding motion rather than homogenising or cutting the molecules with sharp blades. The oloid refers to the shape of a cube when it is turned inside out. It is an important shape in nature, for example the golden ratio of a nautilus shell as it spirals outward. The motion of an oloid machine mimics a spiraling three-dimensional figure 8, implying perhaps the movement of infinity and approximating Vicky Wall’s early method of gently mixing ingredients in a motion she called rocking the baby.

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Through all stages of the production process, the vibrational qualities of the ingredients are being constantly monitored and enhanced to give the most benefit. The energising process for the combined ingredients involves the use of a specially-constructed device composed of a series of golden pyramids containing crystals and gems. This device is operated pneumatically (with air rather than electricity) to generate and amplify specific energetic resonances. The pyramid device works in tandem with another energising device called the shambhala, which infuses resonances from the crystals and plants into the oil and water mediums. Also used are activating and harmonising plates, which stabilise the potencies through time to give them a longer shelf-life.

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Again, a vital component of the energetics of all Aura-Soma products is the primary intent that their ingredients will activate only for the greater good of the person using them. This intent is held by not only what we do in the creation of our formulations, but how and in what spirit. From the very beginnings of the Aura-Soma system, Vicky Wall would say, and her successor Mike Booth carries it on: it’s not what we do, but the way we do what we do. Thus, we seek like-minded collaborators and partners from our external suppliers and vendors as well as in every aspect within the company - management and administration, research and development, farming, production and distribution - and also in our independent education and colour-training academy, who have great care and commitment as to how they do what they do.

Ultimately the totality of the energetics, the vibratory resonances and powers contained within the individual ingredients and their harmonious combinations, along with the intent involved in their making, are all released when applied to the skin or aura, sprayed atmospherically, or simply imbibed energetically. This sets in motion the final stages of personal alchemy which occur in sympathetic resonance—the unique interaction between person and product—somewhat like the personal chemistry that occurs between a perfume and its wearer. It is the understanding within the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System® that each formulation offers itself as a personal catalyst for harmony and wholeness—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—in ways that are particularly needed to help bring more of the totality of who each of us are into being and purpose.

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Oils and Waters


Our products contain two kinds of oils - essential oils which are extracted directly from plants and herbs for their fragrant, energetic and wellness properties, and a carrier oil base in which the essential oils are suspended and their potency protected. The essential oils are used singly or in combination to create a particular fragrance and energetic resonance. The carrier oil is a finely processed and highly absorbent phytosqualane (plant) oil derived from olives and provides a pure and protective environment for the essential oils that are suspended within. The final combined result is a comforting, conditioned feel of natural moisture on the skin which is softening and aromatically luxuriant.


When Vicky Wall created Equilibrium, she was guided to use, among other ingredients, the energised waters from Glastonbury’s Chalice Well. Today the water fractions, or phases, of our products are composed of waters extracted directly from plants and herbs, as well as homeopathic quantities of water from Chalice Well, plus our local water which is sourced from sandstone layers. The waters from the plants and herbs which we grow are extracted with our mobile distillery at the moment they are picked in the fields. In terms of our local water, we start out by neutralising any of the chemical additives common to local processing systems. We then work on the water energetically so as to create an optimum neutral vehicle for protecting the purity of the plant and herb extracts.